Redefining Construction

We’re dedicated to making every inch perfect.

This is us.

We were founded in 2004 by Kevin Moore, with the belief that homes were meant to house memories and last forever. 

We’re what you call home grown. Midwesterners to our core, we grew up in Kansas City and are dedicated to preserving its rich heritage. We say “ope,” wave at strangers, and chase after run-away pets for our clients. And we value family and home, which is why we specialize in renovating spaces that make room for real life.


Kevin Moore

Tim Euston

Dusty Feuerbach

Dylan Sly

David Sly

David Rouyer

Bryan McGuire

Ryan Gibson

Erich Piepenbring

Jon Simmons

Tony McComas

Cindy Livengood

Henry Kraus

Oliver Kraus

Brad Moore

Jose Garcia

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