Valley House

Where function, timelessness, and memories meet.

Kansas City transplants, this family’s daughter moved to the City of Fountains and had their first grandchild, enticing them to move from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. They purchased a historic home in the beautiful Brookside neighborhood south of downtown.

This home was beautiful but lacked some features that they desired. They needed accessibility for an elderly mother, renewed and upgraded bedrooms and bathrooms, and upgraded spaces to host meals, including a new kitchen.

To accomplish this, we came into the home, and helped them dream. To accomplish the desired results, they needed to remove a staircase to the upper floor and expand the kitchen space (along with new cabinets, and hardware) and install a jaw-dropping pantry. The bathrooms were tastefully appointed with beautiful new tile, showers, and the basement was redone to be accessible by people with mobility issues.

The result is a stunning, functional historic home with modern amenities.

Project Details

Armour Fields

November 2022



Summit Kitchen & Patio

Sunset Hills Whole House Remodel

Valley House


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