Armour Fields Kitchen Addition

A Hub for Lasting Memories

We enjoy connecting dreams to reality through building forever homes. But we especially love it when we get to engage and connect with friends.

Christine and Charlie, college friends whom we still have the pleasure of saying “hi!” to at kids’ soccer games and neighborhood walks, wanted a bright, intentional kitchen that served as a hub and connection between the rest of their home and the backyard.

They envisioned kids running in and out of the kitchen, stealing snacks and spilling water, and hosting friends and family.

Christine and Charlie engaged the architects and designers, Laura and Brian at Lo Design, and they looped us in to build.

This collaborative effort resulted in a bright and warm kitchen, with intentional spaces, nooks, and a hub for more, lasting memories.

Project Details

State Line

Summer 2021



Summit Kitchen & Patio

Sunset Hills Whole House Remodel

Valley House


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